Bonfires... Oh They Burn

Instead of having a bonfire on Friday 5th November like most people in the country, I was invited to a party on the Thursday. It was a pretty damn cold evening when the bonfire finally got lit around 20.30. It started as a small blaze but soon turned into a towering inferno (of sorts!) It got a bit smokey and some of the fumes were tasting a little toxic, probably from the lead and paint from the really old gutters they chucked on, but at least we were warm.

  • Small fire, just starting
  • Larger fire
  • Plumes of smoke
  • Raging inferno

We also managed to set off about twenty fireworks before the 11pm curfew, only one didn't go off, and there were a few good ones! At least the night prepared us for the following day where large fires were ranging everywhere!