Who Am I?

Here is what filling in a form and giving it to a computer tells me about me…

Your reluctance to project yourself in any conspicuous or forceful way means that some people will fail to see your real strengths. On the whole you will be appreciated most by those who know you well. They will be alive to the fact that you can be relied on whenever help is needed and that, if you take on something, you do it thoroughly. Ideally then you will work best in a team environment where mutual help is important. Conversely you will feel less comfortable when you are given prime responsibility for a major chunk of work and are expected to get on with it on your own.

In terms of relationships at work, you may have a special aptitude for working with difficult but talented individuals whose shortcoming may also include being casual and careless in their habits. You are probably more suited than most working for a difficult and demanding boss who expects high standards. In bringing the best out of others, you will find fulfilment yourself. Whatever the nature of the work you perform, it is important that it contains an element of service.

When considering career moves you may need to take special account of the social atmosphere within the working environment. Excessive personal competition or abrasive colleagues will disturb you more than they world most people. Look instead for practical people who take pride in their work and have specialist skills to offer. And see to form a personal partnership with one key influential person.

On a final note, you need to take account for the role for which you are least suited. You do not appear to have the characteristics of the classic chairman who co-ordinates the views of others and establishes consensus. So if you can work in harmony with someone who has these complementary qualities, your own performance is likely to improve.


Actually, this is pretty accurate! Especially the first paragraph. Freaky!