Mobile Phone Photos

I finally got round to grabbing all the photos off my phone and they're not too bad really (for a phone!). The photos original resolution is a max of 640px by 480px so these have been scaled down slightly, by two thirds.

The annoying thing about the camera is there is a substantial delay between taking the photo and it actually capturing the image. As you can see by the following image of my cat, Tigger, who moved...

Tigger, my cat, moved too quickly!

But it's not bad with still images...

Tigger in my garden

And finally, here's another cat photo to finish off the collection. This is a photo of my sisters cat, Lotti. I quite like this photo, even though it's been taking by a phone, the sky is pretty atmospheric and gloomy and the composition of the cat in the right foreground. The levels could be improved...maybe someone wants to touch it up in Photoshop!

Lotti in the foreground, against a gloomy blue sky