Hanging Around!

On closer inspection of my nice new shiny "The Goonies" DVD, I noticed a warning “Contains Hanging Scene. Rating 12”…

Now, "Contains Hanging Scene"… let me think. I'd just looked at some posters and it shows the gang hanging above a pit. I haven't watched the DVD yet, but, if I recall correctly, it might be from the "piano organ" scene… hit the wrong notes and the floor falls away. If so, does this warrant a 12 rating? My friend thought about hanging as the following…

Hanging is a form of capital punishment / execution, or a method for suicide.


…(the site is quite amusing stating that you could be hung for attempted suicide… everyone wins!)… but I don't remember any of this in the movie.

If it's just hanging around, are children under 12 not allowed to do that anymore? So if you catch a young kid hanging off a climbing frame, do your duty and tell them they're not allowed until they're older enough to watch The Goonies (on DVD!). If is was the original rating, tey could "hang" under parental guidance!!!