Alton Towers - The Nemesis

During the summer a couple of university friends and I headed over to the UK's best theme park; Alton Towers. This park has the world famous Nemesis ride; a steel, inverted roller coaster. Although the ride was opened way back in early 1994 it's still proabably the best and most well known roller coaster in the UK today. It features 2 corkscrews and a loop all tightly packed with many twists and turns.

Nemesis Roller Coaster at the top of a Loop

This is pretty impressive because, if you have read my previous post about my phone photos you'll know, there is a considerable delay between snapping the photo and it being recorded. When I actually hit the button, the carriage was only just starting the loop!

You can find more information and photos on the Nemesis over at the Roller Coaster Database, along with all the biggest and best roller coasters from around the world.