Looking Back On September

Well, it's the end of the month, and I've jumped a whole year in age, passing the last milestone age before my 30s. Here's some reflection on what's happened, or not as the case maybe, around this site. Here's what I put at the start of the month.

On the website I am planning on adding a few more sections, eventually anyway! The main section addition will be a sort of photolog showing banner sized photos, hopefully to be updated as often as my main weblog. Also a section with hundreds of categorised web development links. There will be a feature where you can add links to the section, hopefully building it up to a large web development repository. Other improvments ahead include tweaks to the webblog to add more information about contents, such as word and image count on the archives, with the possibility of a major overhaul to add a commenting system.

Off the website, this months brings the my final year of university studying Internet Product Design, an exciting time with a huge project to complete.


Well... what have I actually done! Urm, not as much as I said I would! I started working on the photolog section, but was in some conflict of what content to actually add to it. I think this is going to go on hold until I get a digital camera.

The web development link repository hasn't really got into the development stage yet, though my web development links are online. These can be found at http://www.trovster.com/resources.php. I still plan to work on this section, so which people can add their own links. I think this will be extremely use for a lot of developers to combine resources and to gather better practices.

I added information about posts on the archive and search areas. It shows how many words and images are in the post. I am thinking about reworking the search pages slightly, to only showing the title of each of the matching posts. I haven't worked on the commenting system yet, although I have received some recent interest on topics, so this is looking like a more worthwhile feature to add.

I have started my final year university project, documenting about Web Standards and Web Accessibility. I will update with more information next month (maybe tomorrow!) about my proposal in full.

Finally, wow, it's been a bumper crop this month with updates! Over and out.