Firefox Smashes Download Target

Firefox absolutely smashed their concervative estimate of 1,000,000 (one million) downloads. Instead, they doubled this esimate reaching an astonishing two million downloads in just 10 days. Spread Firefox have done a great job advertising and getting the word out to the masses for Firefox 1.0 Preview Release. This browser is starting to take a chunk, albeit a small one, out of Microsofts Internet Explorer web supremacy. Do all you can to help this continue by recommending it to your friends and family. Trust me you will be doing them all a great favour. Their tagline is true, "take back the web", it's your duty.

I have finally installed Firefox 1.0 Preview Release on my main machine for the ultimate browsing experience. This is because the Google Toolbar extension I use religiously has been upgraded for compatability.

Both Firefox and Mozilla have the capability of being added to with extensions. These are little program enhancing features people have created to improve user experience... and there are a lot of good ones out there. The three main extension websites I use are Mozilla's official extension website, Texturizer's extension archive and the extension room on the MozDev community site.

Below are a list of my favourite extensions that I have installed:

I have created a more detailed explination of all the extensions I have installed in the next post.

Firefox: The Browser You Can Trust