Firefox Extensions

Here is all the information on my favourite Firefox extensions…

  • Web Developer – A "must have" extension if you're a web developer (the clues in the name!) It has a lot of features such as validation of HTML, CSS and accessibility, easily turning off images, CSS and javascript and outlining of elements, all great tools in web development.

  • Google Toolbar – An unofficial extension bringing the official Google Toolbar plugin used in Internet Explorer. Although Firefox comes with a Google search box, this tool adds a lot more to the browser. You can easily do tabbed searching of the web, image, groups, definitions, and spellings.

  • IE View – A really simple extension that adds a menu item to the right-click menu. Simply opens the current page in Internet Explorer. This is extremely handy for quick cross-browser web development, or if the evil web developer has block all browsers except IE!

  • Download Manager – This extensions give more control over the download manager. You can set it to open in a new window or tab. It has a nice simple menu to clear the history and open the containing folders.

  • Cute Menus – Simply pretties up the menus with small icons found throughout the current skin. Purely asthetics!

  • Webmail Compose – An extremely useful extension. Opens commonly used mailto links in a specified webmail compose box. It has presets for Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and many more. In Firefox 1.0 Preview Release, the Check Mail & New Mail menu links work with your favourite webmail service aswell.

  • All-In-One Mouse Gestures – This extension adds increased functionality to the mouse within the browser. By holding the right mouse button down, combinations of up, down, left & right activate different behaviours such as simple back and forward in history, to opening new windows, new tabs and bookmarking the page. A great tool for the basics, but remembering longer combinations can become difficult!

  • Gmail Notifier – Adds a little icon to the browsers status bar, and notifies when new messages arrive. Clicking the icon logs you into your Gmail account. It can be configured to open a new window or a new focused tab.

  • Card Games – Just for fun…

  • Blockfall – Just like Tetris incase you get bored while browsing!

  • Ook – Ook is a really simple extension that adds your bookmarks to the context menu (right click menu!).<

Now ditch Internet Explorer, and use the WWW as it was intended!