Birthday Presents

I'm getting old, I've hit 22 today, so what did I get for my birthday? Well, pull up a chair and I'll tell ya…

I got my DVD back from my broken DVD player. I got my nice shiny graphics card back, fixed! Mozilla released a version of Firefox, though it's only a "preview release". Now onto the actual prezzies…

I got Futurama box sets of season three and four, my favourite cartoon series, completing my collection. Series two, three and four of an old BBC1 television show called Bugs, starring Jesse Birdsall, Jaye Griffiths and Craig McLachlan that solve cases of hi-tech crime and espionage. From my sister and her boyfriend I got ID's new ultra scary first-person shooter, Doom3 to play, which'll go nicely with my fixed graphics card, though it's too scary.

From my girlfriend I got a bundle of CDs, which include Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue, Brand New albums Deja Entendu & Your Favorite Weapon, and Aaron from Reel Big Fish's ska-band side-project; The Forces of Evil - Friend Or Foe. I got some other stuff including a cool micro flying machines kit.

If you don't know a spitfire from a seaplane or even a Saturn V space rocket then this Cool Kit will launch you into a whole new world of knowledge! The 64-page book is packed with flight facts, science project and instructions on how to fly the rockets and planes included in this kit.

Cool Kits: Make Your Own Micro Flying Machines

Looks like it's time to get my fingers stuck together and paint everywhere! I also got The Used self titled album from her parents!

I've got a lot of listening and watching to do over the next few months at university when I should be working. Oops!