Keep Hitting Me

I'm quite surprised with the amount of unique impressions my two identical sites on different servers have received since I started counting the hits a month ago today — a total of 4314 unique impressions

My dotcom received 1573 compared to my local server which received 2741 hits. I had no indication before how many impressions any of my sites were receiving so this was a nice little insight.

However, breaking down the statistics have shown how many times search engine bots have hammered my site. Over the two servers Google has collected four-hundred-and-twenty-one (421) impressions but MSN is the winner with a total of six-hundred-and-sixty-six (666)!!!

In Google, keyword "trovster" places my dotcom as top dog. Whereas "trev morris" places my local server as number one and my dotcom as number two. For some reason "Trevor Morris" leaves only my local server down at number three!