It's All Happening

It's all been happening over the last few days. Where to start...

Firstly someone noticed a screenshot of my site on the Internet Product Design course section of my departments website. I think I might ask them for a link to my dotcom.

Secondly, again university related, I have been invited to a meeting with a member of an Israeli mobile company who is interested in breaking into the UK mobile phone industry. They are looking for technologies to broadcast streaming video to small screen devices. Hopefully it will be interesting, but is not until the 25th of August, so more to come after that date.

Minor website tweaks have finally allowed me to automatically, simultaniously update both and my local server blogs using my mini content management system.

Another version of Mozilla Firefox has been released. The Mozilla organisation have released version 0.9.3, so get it while it's hot!

Yey, this is post number 50, half a century.