Gmail Invite Scheme

Yesterday, while in a email "conversation" I suddenly noticed I had six gmail invites to give away! This was a complete surprise to me, because, since receiving my account I've only ever had one lonely invite before this. Even more to my suprise was because for a while now no one had been receiving invites, but recently they have been available again. Looks like it was my turn.

People have suggested to receive more invites you should use your gmail account more. This sounds like some good logic, as Google will be rewarding high-traffic users with invites to their friends. Because Gmail is automated it might seem a reasonable idea, however, I don't know whether sending or receiving emails would be the key, or a combination of the two.

Some said they signed their Gmail account up to a lot of sites, in the hope of lots and lots of spam. If just general use, including receiving email gets you invites based on traffic, this seems a good ploy. One problem though, your account is now synonymous will spam-bots and your account will hardly be usable. No worries, at the first sign of an invite, setup another account just for you! (then start getting invites for that one).