Are Nokia Confused?

I enquired on the Nokia website, via a web-based form, about information regarding the use of my Nokia 6600 and bluetooth incompatibilities. When filling in any form whether it be online or via good 'ole fashion paper, most people uncheck the "send me crap promotions" boxes. I did this with the Nokia help form and receiving the following reply:

With regards to your email concerning your technical query, we are unable to investigate this issue further as you have not given us permission to use your details to contact you.

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Surely they've just broken their own statement by contacting me about contacting me? I think this is stupidly absurd. I ask for help and they reply stating they can't reply because I uncheck the contact via boxes! I think they need to sort out their systems, and make their feedback forms say "if you uncheck these, we can't reply!".