Woohoo, Special Feature

Yes. Finally. The special feature has been added to the site. I had been working on getting this for a few days now, on and off that is. This evening I decided to have a real go at it. I progressed slightly with the addition of display: list-item; but the major thanks goes to Thomas O'Connor for problem-solving and ironing out issues between Opera and Firefox. I hope to style the feature a little better soon, but, as of yet, I am unsure of what I would like to do with it.

Oh yeh, if your wondering what the special feature actually is, no doubt your probably running Microsoft Internet Explorer. Sorry folks but that browser just don't cut it (without a lot, and I mean a lot, of hacks). Get a brain upgrade and change your browser to something remotely moderm, I suggest Firefox, but either Opera or Mozilla will do.

Oh yeh, this is post number 40 as well. Yey.

Special Feature: dropdown sub navigation menu.