Tweak Here, Tweak There

I am still in the process of adding the special feature to the site, as early implementation testing provided harder to perfect than I first thought. Hopefully I should get this up and running soon.

In other web development improvements for this site; I have written some php to gather information from Amazon Wish-Lists and output the important product information stored within, into an unordered list, also with links to the products.

The explore page is growing and growing. You can find well over 200 links there, mostly relating to web development. I have added a lot of articles and tutorials including brief descriptions.

I have used a RSS to grab the latest web development posts from my favourite web standards writers. This is a very nice content filler as a lot of large news-related sites produce them and they can be seemlessly styled and combined with your site. Information on how I have achieved this will be added to the webdev section, including sources, soon.