London Trip A Success

My trip to London was overall a great success. I left my house in the Midlands at 5.50am, which is a miracle for me! I traveled down the M40 which essentially continues to the center of the capital. I arrived at Hillingdon, a tube station on the outer edge of London, at 7am. I then caught a tube train into Baker Street where I connected onto the Bakerloo Line and finally arrived in the center of London, more specifically, Piccadilly Circus, at 8am!

The course started earlier than scheduled with all parties arriving early. David Travis was very friendly and made everyone feel comfortable. The venue was very posh, with tea, coffee and more importantly biscuits on hand!

The course, Web Accessibility was very good. During the course I learned about assistive technologies that help disabled users browser the web, these included screen readers, magnifiers and plain text tickers.

I was also enlightened about a misconception about disabled people. This misconception is that a disabled person is someone who is severally mentally or physically handicapped. However, building accessible websites also helps people who may not fall into this misconception, such as users with arthritis and mild eye conditions such as deutanopia (which is commonly found in males!). Accessible sites don't just improve conditions on the World Wide Web for people with disabilities; they assist every user of the web

Following the standards set out by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) doesn't just mean a better web for everyone, it also helps future-proof your site and make it accessible to the modern, "on the move" society, using devices such as PDAs and mobile phones