GAWDS Newest Member is an association of organisations and accessible web designers and developers - and it is designed to both promote and protect standards - not technical standards - but accessible web design standards.

What is the Guild of Accessible Web Designers?

The Guild of Accessible Web Designers have accepted me as a member. At least one of the following criteria is required for membership:

  • completed an approved Accessible Web Design course.
  • demonstrated good practice on an existing site.
  • written articles, research papers, or accessible web design tutorials.
  • participated in, and contributed to, the accessible web design community.
  • demonstrated in some other way a commitment to accessible web design, e.g., have an action plan for developing a more accessible site.

I am also going to enter the competition to redesign their homepage as it will be an interest project to improve upon my web and accessibilty standards. Hopefully it won't take me too long to code the page, and I shall put it up in soon.

I miss read the details concerning the competition to redesign the GAWD homepage, and thought it ended this month. I was wrong, oops, the competition ended 30th June 2004. Still, I think I'll have a go at redesigning it and will be curious to see the style of the winning design.