Long Time No See...

It has been nearly three weeks since I updated this blog thing or anything on the site. Here are some reasons to why the long absence.

First of all I finished my university course for this year and have been all over. I took a trip to Drayton Manor, a theme park. This was the first I'd been here in over four years. It was quite a good day as it was pretty empty and not too bad weather (especially for the England). That evening I saw the ska-punk band Less Than Jake supported by the great violin-drivin punk band Yellowcard. Then I headed over to Liverpool for a bit of a night out with a mate at university there.

The following week my girlfriend and I moved all my stuff into a new a room, literally only next door in our house, but seemed to take us all week. A few improvements including some new curtains and chest the room is looking pretty cool.

The week just gone I had two trips upto Bradford to bring my stuff back home. That means four, two hour trips up the M1!

I have worked a few hours, but am out of a job at the moment. So hopefully, when I can be bothered, some new content might get added to the web development section.