Gmail Frenzy

I've had my Gmail account exactly a week now. Not much traffic coming through, but that's ok, least I'm getting no spam. Today I recieved my first Gmail invite. Time to start inviting friends to try it out.

It seems that the way Google have advertised and marketed Gmail, or the lack of, seems to have caused a mild frenzy about grabbing an address. Granted I wanted to try out the mail system, and get my trovster email address, and to some extent they've frenzied me a little. With the invite only idea, it seems the Gmail club is pretty exclusive, but with the amount of invites going around I personally don't think that it is that exclusive, at least not any more.

People have more invites than they know what to do with. Proven by the person who invited me to try it out. Not someone I'd met, nor a friend, just a kind guy on IRC.

A good way to make use of your precious invites has been devised at Gmail Swap. Here people offer random things for an invite. Quite amusing and a good way of getting rid of your spare invites by giving them to people who actually want them.

However, some fiendish people areselling invites on ebay. But what I think is worse, people are buying them! I think this is a little over the top and personally wouldn't do it, but where theres a market, theres money, and people are cashing in. So if you're that desperate for an account and have a little spare cash burning a hole in your expensive trousers, head over to Ebay and pay to join this "exclusive" club, but remember, it's only email, so don't get carried away!

Last thing, I found this amusing page where a guy's mission was to fill up his Gmail account (that's 1000mb or 1gb folks) as quickly as possible. Spam, spam and more spam is the name of this little experiement. Have a read at Spam My Gmail Account