Beach Party, Bradford.

If the title doesn't seem a little strange to you, then you don't know where bradford is. Bradford is pretty much inland, North Yorkshire, near the dales. No exactly near a beach at all... but with the help of 40 tonnes of sand, a "jacuzzi" & a massive BBQ, our university put on our own little beach party. Ah, lovely sand castles!

Bradford Beach Party 1

This is a photo from our vantage point high upon the banks of the university amphitheatre. By this time they had taken the bouncy volleyball court down, to the disappointment of a few of my mates. Note the large paddling pool is filling up, but looks closer and they're all fully clothed

Bradford Beach Party 2

Can you spot what is slightly peculiar with the image below. At first glance it just looks like a few people messing around in a large paddling-pool. With closer inspection, note the guy huddled over in a thick jumper. This wasn't the warmest days on record, far from it, it was pretty chilly in the wind, of which Bradford has plenty of. To be fair most of the people in the pool weren't there by choice, they were thrown in!

Bradford Beach Party 3

Oh yeh, and Joe Scully from neighbours was walking around. I am waiting on a photo as I didn't manage to get one. Hopefully I will receive one soon. If I do, it'll be posted here, on the front page!