Wow. Two posts in one day (well, technically it's a new day from where I'm sitting, but only just) but this is a genius post that just happened in an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) room. The room is #html on efnet, kind of a HTML help room. Here is some of the conversation:

jordan: is there html command to make the whole website auto fit all screens?
tr-vs73r: fitscreen all html in here /fitscreen
jordan: wow.. that would come in handy lol... thx :)
Two9A: :D
jordan: wait are you joking?
Two9A: Nah. fitscreen is valid in the Transitional DTD
Two9A: It's been phased out for Strict and the move to xhtml, but it's still around.
jordan: i fell for it and even tried adding it in

#html channel on efnet

Bloody genius. It is a new low for n00b kind in #html, and as a fellow #html-er said "strategy: that's like gullinoob." Sweet a new sub n00b level.