End Of Term

It's Friday the fourteenth of May Two Thousand and Four (14/05/2004) and it's end of term time. Well, this means most people still have a few exams to look forward to in the coming couple of weeks, but not I. With one piece of coursework left to finish, I will then be free for the rest of summer. When I say free, I actually mean stuck at home with parents and a 56k line that wants to call itself an internet connection.

With the summer will probably come a completely new look, refurbished trovster website, at the moment it is in beta testing ironing out all the bugs. I will have removed all the junk and am in the process of adding better content. The new site will try and focus on a photo gallery and this weblog... It will feature the best design and best coding yet... so be prepared!

Talking of the summer, if anyone would like a simple but powerful website implementing please please please contact me. I am a poor student and need a bit of cash to enjoy my summer... please feel sorry for me I'm at home with parents and 56k "internet".