A Day Of Tweaking

Today has been a day of working on my final university project of the current academic year, and tweaking this website to it's full potential.

First of all I've added a new section to the site, the "Web Development" area. I hope to fill this with a lot of information. Not really a tutorial site, as there are hundreds of good resources on the web, but a colaboration with some of them and my past experiences with them and general web development. I am going to concentrate of web standards. This means web markup that adheres to the strict guidelines set out by the World Wide Web Consortium or W3C, for short. I am also going to focus on web accessibility and semantic markup which, by adhering to standards, isn't much of a step up from validated sites.

The main tweak for the site is in the URL string. I'm guessing most people won't pay much attention to these, but after reading a few articles, such as A List Aparts "How to Succeed With URLs", I decided to alter mine. To keep inline with standards and accessibility, I think that readable and understandable URLs should be generated. You can now find all the months posts by typing the /weblog/year/month/ and specific daily posts by adding a day on the end, such as todays post /weblog/2004/05/19/. This works for all parts of the site, for easy access to information. I will talk about this more in an article I will write (sometime) in the Web Development section.