Nights Out In Cov...

Wednesday night brought the first and only trip to The Campbell (The Phoenix) nightclub for myself this Easter holiday...and I went alone! I stepped out of the car and it dawned on was the school holidays and more than likely it will be packed. It was. I paid a fiver (£5) to get in, when the usual price is £2.50, and then I stood queuing for 45minutes! I wasn't happy. I finally got upstairs to the club part, one person I knew was just leaving and I'd just missed my music... After listening to "Mr Boombastic" & "Mysterious Girl" I met up with a friend and chatted all night. Overall it was ok, but not what it used to be at The Campbell.

Thursday is, and has always been Colosseum night for most students in the Coventry area...this Thursday was no exception. I picked up a friend and we headed over. We arrived around 10.45 to quite a big queue. Waiting around in our t-shirts we got quite cold in the chilly evening air. The night seemed full of people we knew from a couple of years below us. I felt old! Until I saw an ex teacher of mine! Heh... this amused me for a minute. There was a supposedly famous DJ playing, which was a great suprise to me as this was the Colosseum! This "famous" DJ was a bloke off MTV2 called "Zane Lowe" or something similar. I'd never heard of him, though I don't need to be told what music to listen to by some second-rate music channel. He started his set with enthusiasm around 1am starting with some songs no one had heard, judging by the crowds reaction. Then it seemed, he just played the usual Colosseum set list...if not speeded up a little. It was an ok night for the Colosseum. We left around 2am... slightly sweaty.

The song of the night was a funk / jazz cover of Papa Roachs "Last Resort".