New Domains And New Hosting

I am in the process of sorting out my new domain names and hosting. I have renewed my dotcom for another five years and I also acquired So when all the dns and stuff propagates through the servers throughout the world, you should be able to visit using both dotcom (.com) and dotcodotuk ( With the renewal of my domain, I also needed a new host. My previous host at Dot was good for my first two years of domain owning, but I have expanded my horizons and needed some more serverside technologies. Not only this, I needed them cheap as I am a poor student. A kind friend of mine has let me host my site for free with all the technologies I require. There's nothing cheaper than free. Thanks to Rich for this.

In other news, I've just scrapped the "Experiments" page, and replaced it with "Random Stuff". I still don't know exactly what the section is going to contain, or how. For the time being it has some cool links to a few peoples websites and some helpful HTML & CSS sites.