Computer Building!

I got home from work at about 3.15, a picked up the post from the mat. There was a note about a parcel delivery...instead of taking the parcel back to the depot, or leaving it with next door neighbours...they decided to leave £120 worth of computer equipments by the back door!!! Luckily when I opened the door, it was still there.

Now came the task of rebuilding my parents computer... first I had to take their HDD out and put it into my computer to back up stuff to CD. I then took all the components out of their computer and carefully unscrewed the motherboard. Then I mounted the nice new motherboard (Asus A7N8X-X) and wrestled with the cpu clip. Until I decided to read the manual and noticed there was a notch you have to maneuver the lever around! I whacked in the HDD, RAM and connected up all the IDE cables. I was quite impressed, all this only took me just over an hour or so.

Next was the fun part... install Windows... I whacked on some music, set the install going and danced around the house... I installed loads of goodies, such as MS Office, Mozilla Firefox & Winamp for my parents to use. I then waited 2 and 1/2 hours our 56k internet connection to leach the 31mb of updates and security patches!

I only hope my parents appreciate all this... I saved them about £100 at least and they have everything setup... emails, backed up programs, bookmarks, games and even some latest software.