Back To University

I should really be finishing packing for my return to university for my final term of this year. Instead, I'm posting to my blog about packing! Obviously, the computer is the last part to be packed, and the first thing to be unpacked. I am leaving tomorrow morning which means another early morning for me... dammit. I thought holidays were ment to be full of lie-ins., my personal webserver should be live again sometime tomorrow afternoon, hopefully I can pull all the blog information from my dotcom for that version. There is also a version on our universities server, so hopefully a total of three seperate servers will be hosting the same information. The next job will be to design a few different styles, and make them available. Thank god I will be out of the dark ages of 56k and back onto broadband. However I think I only have another 4-6 weeks left... must persuade my parents to get broadband!