Back From Hols...

I got back from my nice little holiday in Scotland. My girlfriend, Abi and I caught a little plane up on Monday midday and arrived around 50 minutes later. First time on a plane without my parents and my first time to Scotland. We had a little walk around Glasgows shops with Becky (girlfriends sister), Johnny (Beckys boyfriend) and two of their friends. In the evening we went out for a meal...this was fun! Becky booked a restuarant. We arrived in this very small, local looking pub and were escorted through into the dining area. It was very nice and very very posh. The fun part came when we were trying to decypher the menu. It was all in posh bollocks basically. And the price...well, for the six of us it would have totalled around £220 (excluding drinks of course)!!! We abruptly legged it! Heh. The second pub had stopped serving food 5 minutes before we arrived... but finally we found a cosy little Scottish pub. Five of use tucked into a soup bowl-filled Cottage Pie!!

After this lovely, but a little small, meal we headed off to the nights entertainment a "Fresh Meat" comedy night the other side of Glasgow. It was quite a good night, and a good laugh, with the exception of being "shsss-ed" by a barman! The first night we stayed in a hotel which was nice, apart from the breakfast time. Between 7.30 and 8.45... this made me a little depressed as I like sleeping! Anyway, we got there around 8.30... I was pushing it. That day we went to the Scottish Science Museum after relaxing in Beckys flat. She was our host for the rest of our stay.

Wednesday was a trip to Edinburgh, again another early morning for myself. My motor skills were lacking on most of the trip to Scotlands Capital. We had a brief look around the shops and had a spooky tour around Edinburghs famous Vaults, its once lost underground city. Finally we walked up the "Royal Mile" to the castle and views around the city. Arriving very tired back in Glasgow around 11.30pm.

Thursday, Becky went to work nice and early leaving Abi and myself to lie in. Which I was very grateful! We went into Glasgow center for a little shopping via Glasgows mini tube trains! Glasgows shopping was far superior to that of Edinburghs and we spent most of the afternoon wandering the streets. In the evening we had a guided tour around BBC Scotland by Becky. For about 10 seconds we were live on a voice over for BBC2, though we had to keep very quiet!

Friday myself and Abi went a walking up the Byres Road, a supposidly famous touristy street in Glasgow. To be honest it was a bit of a let down. We finished off a chilled holiday by watching a film comedy called "Old School"... hopped on a plane and arrived back not so sunny Birmingham Internation Airport around 9pm.