Activities latest

  • Watching the Commonwealth Games MTB race with MJ

    Cycled for 54 minutes 39 seconds on 3rd August 2022.

    Headed over from the German Cemetery with MJ on his Shotgun seat. Watched the first lap from the unofficial section then moved around to see the Deer’s Leap drop and rock garden. A ride round the blue route sections which were open and back to catch some more action. Lots of bikes and friendly folk lined the course. The Commonwealth Games’ volunteers were friendly, helpful and cooperative — not much could be said for the Forestry England staff who were rude and abrupt (as usual).

  • Lunch Walk

    Walked for 51 minutes 32 seconds on 31st July 2022.

  • Chainsnapper

    Cycled for 2 hours 35 minutes on 30th July 2022.

    After moaning about my drivetrain skipping not 10 minutes earlier, my chain snapped taking my chain guard clean off. A short roll to the shop for tools and back on the trails thanks to Tim’s split-link. Riding bracken covered trails and avoiding the felling.

  • Lunch Walk

    Walked for 1 hour 2 minutes on 29th July 2022.

  • Scoping the Commonwealth Games course

    Cycled for 2 hours 9 minutes on 28th July 2022.

    Rode down to the Commonwealth Games start/finish area and tried to understand the direction of the course – they're seemingly doing some sections backwards. Explored some other areas trying to decide where to watch the event on Wednesday. Got caught in a downpour which made the overgrown sections soaking with wet ferns.