Activities type of e-bike ride

  • First ride of 2023

    Cycled for 2 hours 28 minutes on 28th January 2023.

    A full lap of Follow the Dog, interspersed with Perry's Trail and an off-piste section. Then over to Chad’s Ditch on Badgers Hill with the temperature dropping.

  • A Frosty Ride

    Cycled for 1 hour 27 minutes on 17th December 2022.

    With sub-zero temperatures, I coaxed my ebike out of its warm resting place. As I rolled down my road I noticed my display wasn't on. After turning it back on, I was presented with a 500 error and wondered if all my layers of clothes were in vain. Luckily, after a few restarts, everything was fine. First off was the resurrected "Best Trail in the World" (or "Gamefish") run, which was back after the logging decimated the area. Then "Tower Jump line" and the trail next to it and over to Strawberry Fields. Over to "Cafe run" and the seemingly only run left down Brocton Coppice.

  • Wet & muddier than expected

    Cycled for 2 hours 35 minutes on 19th November 2022.

    After a cold start, we attacked the descent at Tackeroo and were soaked in no time. Following the rest of Follow the Dog down to The Monkey trail. We investigated a new trail and got a little lost over near Beau Desert golf club, powering through the slop thanks to electric power. Two descents of different off-piste trails on the same hill as Upper Cliff, trying to avoid horrible gullies. A descent down at Stile Cop then a new trail down the backside of Lower Cliff. Finished the ride off with pebbly and puddly Lower Cliff and the unofficial Commonwealth trail which was very slippery.

  • Sloppy

    Cycled for 2 hours 28 minutes on 6th November 2022.

    This was the first time this winter for sloppy conditions. First trail I hadn’t acclimatised and was tentative, but soon felt more comfortable. Lots of classic off-piste runs, including cafe side, tower runs and of course Strawberry fields. Good see Martin back and Tim joined the Sunday crew.

  • Return of the Jasons

    Cycled for 2 hours 40 minutes on 9th October 2022.

    Learning from yesterday's cold feet, I wore my waterproof socks and warmer top. Good to see the return of Jason, who had a big crash/injury last year — he hasn't lost any of his speed. And Jason #2 also came out; they must like the wet weather! Showed the crew the three new trails I found yesterday + Green Spade + unofficial Commonwealth run for those who hadn't ridden them before. Dear’s Leap was conquered again.

  • Too much pressure

    Cycled for 2 hours 36 minutes on 8th October 2022.

    It was slippery out on the trails today; very greasy and wet roots, especially with the high tyre pressure I was running. We had fun blasting down the top of "Red Route" over Stile Cop, then found a new trail without an ending. Also found two new trails that end in Sherbrook Valley, which have a few features but are incredibly short. Spotted lots of fly agaric mushrooms.

  • Monday night ride

    Cycled for 1 hour 39 minutes on 3rd October 2022.

    First one since snapping my derailleur. A chilled out ride before the sun went down. Strawberry Fields fun, two resurrected trails near the (now gone) tower atop Haywood Warren and a recently strimmed trail down to Seven Springs.

  • My fastest ride as a 40-year-old

    Cycled for 1 hour 43 minutes on 14th September 2022.

    A cool evening sessioning the unofficially official trail near the blue route, including the step-up and following jump. The filled-in doubles give confidence in attacking them and clearing them, not having to worry about casing. A jaunt over to Lower Cliff and the Dog on the way back. Tower Jump line has been resurrected from the loggers. Then I absolutely mangled my rear derailleur two miles from home – it was a long walk/scoot in the dark.

  • Deer’s Leaped

    Cycled for 2 hours 4 minutes on 30th August 2022.

    After much consideration, and Tim noisily scraping his bottom bracket on his first go, the new “Deer’s Leap” drop has been conquered. It was intimidating but I trusted my technique and emptied my thoughts. Springslade trails were running nicely and it was getting dark by the time I headed home!

  • Bottled Deer’s Leap

    Cycled for 2 hours 22 minutes on 28th August 2022.

    First time riding since Deer’s Leap drop was added. The rock drop is a little intimidating, and after watching a riding buddy clip his bottom bracket, I decided against it today – then I kicked myself for the rest of the ride. There was a pit stop with a puncture, a push up a ridiculously steep hill and riding an old abandoned official trail in the opposite direction. We finished with the bottom half of café run, penny lane and the big drop over at Springslade.