Meandering with Monty

Walked for 46 minutes 39 seconds on 8th July 2023.

The weather forecast wasn’t as bad as expected, so I headed over Cannock Chase with Monty and the dogs. Parking at Tackeroo, Monty chose the route. A planned trail was closed due to deforestation. Monty threw the ball in a pond for Jeff. Then the forecast caught up with us and we got rained on getting back to the car. I’ve got to make the most of riding with Monty over the Chase before we can't anymore.


2.38 miles

Average Speed

3.06 mph

Elevation Gain

249 ft

Heart Rate

103 bpm



High: 712 ft

Low: 527 ft

-- ft

Heart Rate

Max: 137

Avg: 103

-- bpm