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This website is built using the Laravel PHP framework, running on PHP 8.

I use composer to manage PHP dependencies and help with the rapid development of features. Here are some useful packages;

  • laravel/framework
  • imdbphp/imdbphp
  • blade-ui-kit/blade-heroicons
  • league/commonmark
  • php-tmdb/api
  • simple-icons/simple-icons
  • spatie/laravel-feed
  • spatie/yaml-front-matter


I use Tailwind CSS behind the scenes to generate the styles. Laravel Mix makes using webpack easy. I compile my CSS using PostCSS.

The site makes use of a lot of existing open source code and resources. highlight.js is used to make the code blocks more readable with syntax highlighting. The random pattern in the footer uses GeoPattern library.

I use npm to manage client-side code. Here are some of the packages I use, that power the website itself;

  • chart.js
  • geopattern
  • google-maps
  • highlight.js
  • lite-youtube-embed
  • masonry-layout
  • spotlight.js

The following packages help me build website assets;

  • laravel-mix
  • postcss
  • tailwindcss


The project repository is hosted on GitHub. The website itself is hosted with Phurix.



The bike illustrations are from Stand Out Bikes.


The social media icons in the footer are Simple Icons. Other icons are heroicons. I have integrated these using Blade Icons package for Laravel.


The content for movies is synced from IMDB data and the images are sourced from The Movie Database.

Imported data

Music is synced from Activities are synced from Strava. Most of my photos come from my Instagram profile.