Me with a pink graffiti halo in the background

Hi. My name is Trevor Morris and I am a full-stack web developer from the UK. I am currently working at MyPubGroup and freelancing at Surface.

I am fluent in both front- and back-end coding. I develop usable and accessible front-end interfaces using web standards, including semantic HTML, CSS for layout and visual design, and JavaScript for progressive user interface enhancements. On the server side, I primarily use PHP and MySQL. All of this is combined with theory in database design and security, leading to a full-stack solution.

I mainly develop with the Laravel framework. I have dabbled in building projects using "static-site generators", such as Eleventy and infrastructure-as-code with Amazon Web Services.

I’m left-handed, have three tattoos, two dogs, two cats and like tea. You can find out what I use and what I’m doing now, read about what I love and see how my avatar has changed throughout the years. You can find out how this website is built. If you like my content, you can subscribe to my feeds.

This website is filled with data, so I have broken this down on a statistics page and connected all the dots of my life in people, pets, places and things.


This website is filled with data, so I have broken the pieces down on a dedicated statistics page.


Here you can find information about all the protagonists, places and things in my life.


A more detailed view of my professional work, including testimonials and experience.


Find out how to subscribe to RSS feeds for a bunch of my content, including movies and blog posts.

The Multipack

I am a prominent member of the Multipack. I helped organise this community of multi-talented web professionals. Once a month we got together in Birmingham and discuss design, code standards and technology over a nice pint or two.

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Geek in the Park

I organised Geek in the Park, an all-day event which started in 2006. It involved a relaxing afternoon picnic in an English park followed by illuminating talks by web industry leaders in the evening.

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