Hello! My name is Trevor Morris and I am a thirty-something developer from the UK. I have a passion for everything web. I love to ride mountain bikes over Cannock Chase and road bikes around the twisty Staffordshire lanes. I watch a lot of movies and here you’ll find my latest ratings. Find out what happened on this day

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Wild Bill

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A street-toughened parolee finds his two boys abandoned by their mum and fending for themselves. Time to step up, or not.

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Top bill British drama. Heartfelt and gritty, grimy sets and the story of getting out of the circle of crime with the help of family. Good acting, interesting characters, lots going on.

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    So, I’ve finally updated my website. It’s been a long time since the last major change, but it wasn’t without trying. It’s not a radical change, the core content is still the same but the underlying technology has been updated to help me continue to…

  • Alpine.js Drag and Drop Integration with Laravel

    I use Laravel to manage my projects and I wanted to integrate the drag and drop code I wrote using Alpine.js, so I built a new component. This Laravel component supports passing in variables which builds up the two sides of the drag and drop listing;…