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A simple plugin which converts your code examples to live behaviour.

Inspired by Konami Code Sites I decided to write a simple jQuery plugin which you can use to easily add your own secret ‘cheat code’ style commands to your own website. By default the “Cheat Code” plugin looks for the Konami code pressed anywhere on the website and can be activated only once.

You can easily change the code required to activate the reveal, as well as define your own ‘activation’ function for an interesting easter egg. By default, the cheat code can only be activated once, but this can be change.


My name is Trevor Morris & I am a movie-loving, mountain bike-riding web developer from the UK. Currently, freelancing at Surface.

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First outing of the GoPro today featured a very muddy few sections of The Monkey Trail on Cannock Chase. Got some ideas for future videos.


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